create blog

if u a free nd if ur interested in writing such thing u should create a blog nd write what is ur own mind nd also earn money nd u will be feel relax through writing nd share experience your lyf and inspire us. i was feel amazing whatever i write i am haappy nd rather i have no like but still i was great feel but suddenly i have a one like which is rising star gave me like tq 😍 seriously i was shouting on that time

study of practical subject

to increase our concentration u should choose a practical subject numerical portion is arise concerned about your goal ur mind not distract when u randomly study numerical subject who person is practical in lyf will take numerical subject we now boys are practical rather than female but who want to rise the concentration must be choose this subject

keep silent

u will be assume and keep silent seen all around the world what is happened in ur random lyf ur mind will automatically fresh and u should feel realex and comfort and think about what is my interest in which thing i am real happy and relax ur answer ar kept on ur heart

think about itt

always be remember when we are not happy in your lyf then we think about what is your interest and do that thing which moment u generate few mint happiness just remember god give u pain because u ar strong to the other person not u suffer alot many people was there in pain and critical way but they was happy many story revolved around us to learn from them and set as example to other person

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