Important for w/p Blogger !

Everyone want to more likes, more followers on there blogging site. You just think that are you always write perfect , are your blogging post is always awesome. I don’t think so, you always like the other blogging post because they like you. It’s wrong. some word press reader without reading other blogger site, they like there’s post. If you thought i don’t like there’s post, they don’t like my post. It’s simple idea you just comment them and advice them in decent manner. They don’t mind it. You like because you appreciate the newcomers. It’s absolutely fine but you should comment them. You should tell there mistake and techniques of writing . only like and follow is not appropriate.

Like / Comment : You should like the other blogging post. you should comment on what they write, suggest them. only like is not sufficient .

Suggestion : You must advice other.

Keep writing ✍️


Poem #6. and Sketch# 3. !!!!

My favorite poem is khada himalaya Bata raha h. The name of poet is Sohanlal dwivedi. I think when i was in 4th class . I read in book and remember me in my life. I hope you like it.

But Before i show you my sketch. It’s not perfect.

Khada Himalaya Bata raha h……

Khada Himalaya bata raha h , daro na anthi paani se,

Khade raho tum avichal ho kre, sabh ankat tufaano se,

Dhigo na apne paran se to, sabh kuch pa sakte ho pyare,

Tum bhi uche udh sakte ho, chhu sakte ho naabh ke taare,

Attal rha jo apne padh, pr laakh musibat ane pe,

Mili safalta jaag me usko, jini se, marjane se …..

Thank you……

Can we learn English from Ielts course!!

Ielts : Ielts is the most popular international course the way of going foreign.

Let’s discuss in briefly :

I : International

E: English

L : language

T : testing

S : System

Ielts has a four testing system :

1. listening

2. Reading

3. Writing

4. Speaking

first of all we discussed four process as under highlights are below :

1. Listening : The first step to listen in which the the person talk between each other in English language. we fill the blanks. They talk in between the answer are find out. It is time based task. The person who were communicating with each other. They normally put the question like what is your field name. we find out.

2. Reading : other step to reading the paragraph and also slow the question . In which true and false are asking. It is also a time based task.

3. Writing : The other task is writing . We write such topic they gave us. Writing in a detailed. They check the grammatical portion mostly .

4. Speaking : Last step to speak any topic they gave like intro.

If we clear this test. That means we go foreign . The question is arise we learned properly . I don’t think so. It’s improve the little English but learned is not. It’s totally agree that who complete this course ,they definitely get visa but English is improve when we talk daily in English language and live from there country. English is a language . When we talk about other languages . we learn the language when we go from their place . Ielts is only way of get a visa.

Do you agree with me or not? Comments

Pooja queenπŸ‘‘

Nature !! Poem # 4……

Sky saying keep going .

Cloud saying break the boundaries.

When i saw star, they told me always keep smile .

when i saw moon, the moon told me, you are star.

Sun said, shine all where .

Trees said, keep environment healthy.

Mountain to learn a beautiful lesson , never give up.

water to learn a beautiful aspect to adjust any situation.

Keep writing✍️

pooja queen πŸ‘‘

Emoji talk between each other πŸ˜‰πŸ‘»

Do you know about emoji!

The word E – Emotion . it’s describe you full of emotions.πŸ˜‡

M – Marvel .

O – optimistic.

J- Joy

I – Interactive.

Let’s discuss the emoji what is say and you understand it :

😑 😑😑 : related with anger. it’s show the aggression .

πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ : They describe what they say to me. What is happened .

πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ : They are laughing too much!! It’s funny emoji.

πŸ€” πŸ€”πŸ€” : They think what happened !! Why they are laugh too much!

🀭🀭🀭 : It’s shy and laugh. what is said!

😏😏😏 : they’re make the face ..

😀😀😀: They are anger 😁

🧐🧐🧐: What is that, what is happened ! looking !!

It’s main emoji . I hope you like it and understand it. I like this emojiπŸ‘»πŸ˜‡

Stay happyπŸ™‚

pooja raniπŸ™‹β€β™€πŸ‘‘ ✍️


How to writing skill is become powerful weapon !!

Do you know , what is meaning of writing . I show you.

W -Word

R- Read

I – Idea

T- Text

I- Intelligent

N G – Never Give up, going on….

Writing Skill is powerful weapon how and how to improve let’s discuss:

1. Keep observing : First of all the writer observe the things rather bid or small . Basically small things. when we observe small thing . we get idea, develop thought and our writing skill will improve. we can observe the writer who observe the thing and capture on it mind. If they seen the nature ,they goes on depth . It is a first and foremost important step to become good writer. Its becoming powerful weapon . It’s big quality of writers.

2. Random Reading : If you keep reading , we will sure pick up the thought and writing on . Daily reading is a good for writer. You can read literature book. I like the literature, because they motivated us and change our thought process and perspective to way of live life in positive way and become good human being. It’s not compulsion to read literature. You can read, what you want to read in which your interest but keep reading . If you reading then you grap the thought. It’s main important aspect. To easily develop your thought and idea , that’s why reading, because sometimes we don’t know what we write our mind are stuck, so if we Daily reading , the many thoughts revolve around on mind.

3. Keep writing : It is important to regular write. what is on mind keep writing rather perfect or not. If we write we improve our writing skill but if we don’t write daily , stop the write two, three days, its not improve our skill. Random write is good for writer. If you write, read then you will become make good writer.

4. Learning aspect : Learning is other fact. If you observe ,you will sure learn something. If you read, you will learn and you will improve , so learning is other way to become good writer.

5. Depth analysis : The writer goes on depth while the small thing they observe. The quality of writer they goes on depth. It’s improve the writing.

6. Thought process : Our idea and thought process keep on mind and write it what is on mind just write. It is important aspect of the writing.

7. Content of interest : What is your favorite topic which you want to write . Follow our interest and write .

It’s keep on mind. It’s important aspect and improve your writing skill. The writing skill is your powerfull weapon to change the world and your successful life.

Keep write , keep read, keep going !!!

Stay happy !!

-Pooja queen …….✍️

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