what is chartered accountant?

CA is one of the tough and highest paying jobs in the field of commerce and one can except to earn up to 6-7 lakh per annum as their starting salary which increase with there experience.

Institution of Chartered Accountancy course of India is government organize the course and there are no college for studying this course. you have registered yourself as a student ICAI then you pusue the course CA work all type like tax, accounting, Information technology, government etc.

CA course are three test.

Fees of CA paper.

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Commerce Stream !

Meaning of commerce.

Commerce as a stream of education which can be define trade of business activities such as exchange of good and services from producer to consumers.

In which the main subject are accouting, economics, business study, e-commerce .

commerce is a stream which provides you a career option, you get wide scope are there. so, commerce is a very good stream for future prospect

After completing 12th in commerce you have many option to choose . BBA and B.COM are the most common courses option by the students.

The best course after 12th

Bachelor of commerce

Bachelor of commerce honour

Bachelor of business administration

chartered account

Bachelor of economic

BBA and B.Com are similar career opportunity. If student do MBA then BBA is better opt but if student do CA,CS , CFA then B.com is better choice.

1.Account in which both Theory and numerical portion. I love this subject and i always love prefer numerical portion.
2.economics in which both Theory and numerical portion. I like this subject.
3.Business Study in which only theoretical portion . It is small boring. It is a simple subject.
In which gain computer knowledge and modern system like patym. it is interesting subject.

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what is quote !

A quotation, or quotes, is a document that a supplier submit to a potential clients with a proposed price for the supplier good, service based on certain conditions. Therefore a quotation os often require for service but is also commonly used by bussiness that sell good.

A quote is the last price at which a Security or commodity traded, meaning the most recent price to which buyer and seller agreed at same price. The bid or ask quotes are the most current prices, quantity at which share the price can be bought or sold.

The purpose of quotes are given follow –

Quotes are used for a variety of reasons to illuminate the meaning and support the argument of work to provide direct information about work being quoted. it is whether positive or negative .

A good quotes are a following components

All detail of business contact information legal requirement. Total cost., breakdown of cost,variation etc.

The definition of a qoutes is a word, phrases that are taken from someone else library or asking price of something . example when you take a passage from Eldora and repeat it as written without changing the words.

You should write the word quotes at the top of page. quotation body describe the proposed service and price information it includes tax amount, validity of quotes .

The most famous qoutes.

The way to get started to quotes taking

Your time is limited ,so don’t waste the time from someone else.

Quotes are provided you with a daily pickme up, sense of well

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Bigg Boss πŸ’–πŸ’–

Do you like watch BB

This is my one of the favorite show . when bb was coming i am always watch this show not only me, my family, my friend , teachers everyone like this show and all were the talking about it.

One of the reason which i like the most the show and all body the host of bb was salman khan. He was coming Saturday and Sunday . 13th season is completing and i start watch to 4th season means 10 season i watch.

Salman khan is a best host ever..

Bigg Boss watch on colours and vootapp and my jio tv …

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Hello friends !!

First Time, I am sharing our feelings .

Many time, I am hurt.

Many time, I am understood other and own life.

Many time, I am crying.

Many time, I am lost.

Many time, I am broken-down.

Many time, I am standing and face the all problems.

Many time, I hoping one day in my life is changed

sometimes , I think that when my end of life is coming, at that time, I feel bad my time is not coming and if hopefully i seen good time but the ending part of my life is coming …….

It’s routine in my life…..

If you want to say something you must share our view.


Do you like the game of chess ?

I like this game. chess is two player strategic game. Each player start with sixteen pieces. eight pawn, two knife,two bishop , two rook, one king, one queen

To play this game, concentration is increasing and Sharp the mind.

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