dard ki dhun!!

kya kahe hum drd ke bare me,

muskuraht ke pichhe bhi drd ki dhun sunai deti h

khamoshi bhi apni drd ki dhun ko bta deti h

ankho se chhahe laakh chhupalo pr drd ki dhun ankho me dikh hi jati h

Pooja queen 🙋‍♀👑

I try!!

me, whenever i try to it’s happened like this

whenever i try to it’s i didn’t understood like this

whenever i try to it’s i again troubled

I hope you like it!

Thank you!


Do whatever you want!!

There is only one rule of living and that is no rule,

way live what you want to do

Always be helping other to do

Try to give a spread happiness to do

just to do

There is only one rule of living and that is to do whatever you want to do

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True love!!

sacha pyar vo h jo alfaazo me beyaan nhi kia ja sakta

Sacha pyar vo h jo dikhta nhi bs sirf use mehsus kia ja skta h

True love is that in which cannot express in words

true love is that in which cannot seen only can feel!

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Important for w/p Blogger!

Everyone wants more likes, more followers on their blogging site. You just think that are you always write perfect, are your blogging post is always awesome. I don’t think so, you always like the other blogging post because they like you. It’s wrong. some word press reader without reading other blogger sites, they like there’s post. If you thought I don’t like there’s post, they don’t like my post. It’s a simple idea you just comment on them and advise them in a decent manner. They don’t mind it. You like it because you appreciate the newcomers. It’s absolutely fine but you should comment on them. You should tell there mistakes and techniques of writing. only like and follow is not appropriate.

Like / Comment: You should like the other blogging post. you should comment on what they write, suggest them. only like is not sufficient.

Suggestion: You must advise others.

Keep writing ✍️