World Environment day

Contribution towards healing THE MOTHER earth ….

I feel earth needs time to heal as we have reaped so much out of it. now the time has come to sow the seeds as on of healthier environment. if we usage electric car and measure to be taken to reduce noise and the air pollution ae well. the effect of the coronavirus is immense , the places which have been bustling with people like pubs and bars. everywhere have been closed. Nature has stepped in the morning chirping of birds can be heard without a honk of cars

IT has few priceless things are given ;

Fresh air to breath

Freedom from constant noise pollution

clean atmosphere

Recently , i have read that the mountain range is visible from jalandhar . it means that the atmosphere and environment are clean and the black which has darkness our skin is also gone .

pollution and greenhouse emission have also fallen on the continent

I personally believe that apart from crippling the day to day life , it has also provided us with as boom . you might be thinking that how it has imparted us with boom .

Many scientists believe that historical epidemics have reduce carbon emission level one the prominent scientists says ” black death from europe in 14th century , small pox from south america in the 16th century . and the arrival of spanish consquistador has left an impact of the change in co2 level


PERVIOUS reduction were due to less industry activity and in the current , they will see a drop of 0.3 % IN THE CARBON dioxide emission due to covid 19 pandemic . It is seen global economy will also grow . It has also seen the cancellation of mass events


One of the important lesson to be learnt from coronavirus that digitalisation is extremely beneficial . As the pandemic advocated social distancing as the norm , it also is seen that it will include some new habit like the reduction of food waste , stockpiling and maintaining social distancing

IS IT PASSING by change or long lasting impact on the environment

The argument can be seen both side . Though the current situation is seen as the reduction in the pollution going to bounce back .

One more aspect of the covid19 is community spreading and the speed and extent of spread

IT show that climatic change threats should be treated on an urgent basis or it can cause the wildfire on the earth . either we need to stop or the condition will stop us

even the top business are counting the cost and estimating losses,still the time left to heal the earth


19 thoughts on “World Environment day”

  1. It’s so true. Ironically, thanks to the lockdown and other restrictions, pollution has significantly come down and it seems that Nature is in the process of healing herself. Great post, Pooja

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